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Special Mention | 2015 Transport Achievement Award


Happy to inform you:
The jury of the ITF Transport Achievement Award awarded a Special Mention to the project “TRANSDANUBE – Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube”.
With its vast natural and cultural heritage and its geopolitical position, the Danube region is one of the most promising tourist destinations in Europe. Transport infrastructure and mobility services vary widely, however, and co-operation among stakeholders has been weak. TRANSDANUBE, developed by the Austrian Environment Agency together with 14 partners from 8 countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia), is successfully creating a framework for co-operation based on an integrated approach to transport and tourism and a common vision of soft mobility. Activities range from new bicycle routes, Danube water busses to tourist packages that do not require use of a private car.

Tourism Mobility-Day


On October 16th the Austrian Tourism Mobility-Day took place in Innsbruck

The Team of Transdanube (LP and PP2 Burgenland) used the chance to present Transdanube!

Subjects of the Mobility-Day were the changes in tourismus and possible solutions in the mobility field.

Tourism needs mobility: Currently around 80% of our guests are traveling with your own vehicle. Mainly to the seasonal peaks not only the big transit routes are overloaded. Noise and pollution of traffic pose next to the deterioration of the landscape through the transport infrastructure is a nuisance for guests and locals.

Internationalization, but also the trend and more frequent vacations, "using instead of owning", values change, "back to nature" and the demographic trends (aging, smaller households, ...) bring changes in mobility behavior with it. To address these new challenges is the interaction of the tourism-, transport and environmental policy makers at all levels is necessary. More information (german): http://www.bmwfw.gv.at/Tourismus/

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Explore the Danube region without using your car


EU project develops environmentally friendly travel offers along the Danube

New sustainable tourism packages in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Moldova make it now even easier to travel environmentally friendly in the Danube region. These new offers were created as part of the EU project Transdanube which aims to establish the Danube region as sustainable travel destination in Europe – and that from the Black Forest to the Black Sea. 14 partners from eight countries along the Danube have joined to pursue this goal. The Danube Office Ulm/Neu-Ulm is one of these partners. see more

Study Visit II to Ulm-Linz-Vienna (July 2014)


The Transdanube Action Plan also includes study visits which are part of the action 6.2 Regional and national stakeholder involvement. Regional and national stakeholders play an important role for the smooth running of the project and to obtain the results required for the MDA.

The development of Sustainable Mobility along the Danube including train, bus, bike and shipping traffic in order to improve accessibility and facilitate the concept of sustainable tourism in the whole Danube region, presents the main objective of the SEE project Transdanube. Furthermore, these improvements will also lead to an economic and tourism continues development and consequently promotes the Danube Region, including the Moldavian Danube Area (MDA), as a whole. read more

Ulm: 4/5 July: Conference „Sustainable Mobility and Green Economy in the Danube Region


"A Danube Mobility Card - That would be something!"

Transdanube projectpartners met  together with international Danube experts from politics, economy and society to discuss new ideas for the future development of the Danube region in terms of environmentally friendly transport and tourism. / Workshop at the symposium on "Sustainable Mobility and Green Economy in the Danube Region" at the International Danube Festival 2014 organized by Danube Office Ulm / Neu-Ulm.

Around 120 Danube experts in transport and tourism met at the symposium to discuss how environmentally friendly transport can be realized across national borders in the Danube region to the benefit of all players involved. In three different workshops this question was illuminated from different sides. One of them was the Transdanube workshop: "Sustainable mobility in tourism along the Danube".

Thematically, the participants discussed especially the topics mobility services for the last mile, tourim packages and information on mobility offers and furthermore how to raise awareness for sustainable mobility among potential tourists.

The conclusion: In all these points, the Danube region has to catch up even though there have been a lot of activities throughout the last years. An issue that has to be gone abouturgently are mobility services for the last mile: there is no need for tourists to travel environmentally friendly if they can´t reach their final destination because there is no bus service that drives there. But in addition to specific offers the awareness of sustainable mobility needs to evolve. In Germany, for example, they have a saying that´s still true: "The car is the Germans' favorite child" – That must be changed. The bicycle should be recognized as an equal means of transport. To reach that goal special offers for tourists who travel by bike which include bike transportation by train between destinations have to be designed. But these offers must also apply across countries. After all, this is still a challenge for tourists traveling along the Danube asdifferent countries imply different fare zones and regulations. A standardization process and transnational cooperation would help. "A Danube Card, which is valid for bus and train in the whole Danube region - that would be something," Petra Dippold, from the Transdanube-team of the Danube Office Ulm / Neu-Ulm said.

In the end the experts agreed that there has already been done a lot in the Danube region in the past years. In projects local partners developed exciting solutions for sustainable mobility issues- and that also across borders. Long-term success can however only be set when the many small projects are interrelated and work together for new solutions. That´s the only way how the Danube region could establish itself in the future as an attractive destination that focuses on sustainable mobility from the Black Forest to the Black Sea.

With the interactive map www.danubetour.eu the Transdanube-team makes an important contribution to raising awareness for sustainable mobility along the Danube. Danube travelers are able to plan their trip by bus, train, bicycle, boat or on foot - and that from the source to the Black Sea with just a few mouse clicks.

For more information about the conference please visit:https://www.donaubuero.de/fachkonferenz-in-ulm





18 000 tourist attractions; 52 800 mobility informations

Interactive Map "Danube Tour" -  www.danubetour.eu
supports tourists who would like to travel along the Danube by bus, train, boat and on foot

Now the map is completed and the result is impressive. The
“Danubetour” combines about 18,000 tourist attractions from the source of the Danube to the Black
Sea. The project partners have fed the map with information on bike and hiking trails, monuments and
museums along the Danube. These are linked with the existing data from other maps. Thus, travelers
can get a good overview of exciting destinations along the Danube. And more importantly, they can
obtain information on how they can travel from one destination to another using bus, train, boat, bike
or their own feet. About 52,800 information on bus stations or piers, railway stations and walking
paths and much more are included in the interactive map. more information

Tourism Workshop for the northern Burgenland


In the Regional Government of Burgenland Mrs. Michaela Puser (Head of Tourism Incoming Department of the Region Neusiedler See), Mr. Paul Mayerhofer (Head of the Tourism Department), Mr. Peter Zinggl (Trafic-coordinator, and Head of the Spatial Planing Department) met with the Trandsdanube Team (M.Jauck, K.Rainer, R.Michalek and A.Friedwagner) to discuss possible touristical packages for the Transdanube project.

This workshop perfectly showed, that it is not about the quantity of people but about the right people - follow up date for concret packaging is already organised!!!


Regional Action Plans online now


Based on the findings of the regional and transnational State-of-the-Art analysis and the objectives defined in the common vision, the project partners prepared their regional action plans (Work Package 4). These plans provide a guideline for the implementation of concrete sustainable mobility offers and tourist packages in the partner regions. Therefore the regional action plans are instruments for the regions to follow the jointly developed vision of implementing the concept of sustainable mobility even beyond the lifetime of the project Transdanube.
Feel free to browse in our download section "studies and papers"

Signing of the "Common Vision" in Tulcea


We are happy to announce: During the 5. Partner Meeting in Tulcea Mr Horia Teodorescu - the President of Tulcea County Council - also signed TransDANUBEs "Common Vision"! Here see some impressions from the meeting.

pic: Mr. Günter Lichblau (LP-Environmental Agency) and Mr. Horia Teoderscu


Transdanube on exhibition tour


This time: auto motor und sport i- Mobility, Stuttgart, Germany

The auto motor und sport i- Mobility is a comprehensive information and test platform for visitors to the fair. The visitors had the chance to test sustainable vehicles and to get information about  the topic "Sustainable mobility: What moves us in the future ".

On the theme world the Transdanube team of the Danube office Ulm/Neu-Ulm presented the interactive map “www.donautour.eu ". The map combines information on tourist attractions along the Danube and provides information on how to get there by boat, bus, train or bike. So the Transdanube team talked to a lot of potential Danube tourists at their booth. Especially tourists who like to travel by bike were interested in the map and some wanted to try it for their next tour along the Danube. "Overall, the feedback on our map was positive. The visitors thought it´s a good thing that our map combines all the important information for sustainable travel in the Danube region, " said Theresa Wimmer from the Transdanube team.

Besides the exhibition stand the team presented the map on the theme world stage under the title: "The good is so close - explore the Danube region by bike train, boat and bus with a mouse click."


First appearance for interactive map “Danubetour”


The Transdanube-team of the Danube office Ulm / Neu- Ulm presented the interactive map on the world's largest holiday fair in Berlin, the ITB in Berlin.
For five days, from March 5th till March 9th on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds it was all about the best time of year - the holidays. Exhibitors from all over the world presented their new Travel Deals and the Transdanube-team celebrated the first official appearance of the interactive Danubemap www.danubetour.eu.

Just before that, on March 1st, the map had gone online. The team used the fair to present visitors the map as a new offer for tourists who want to travel environmentally friendly along the Danube. "Of course it´s easier to explain to potential Danube tourists our map and its functions in direct contact. So we were very glad that we could use the ITB for the presentation of our project," explains Petra Katzorke, from the Transdanube-team. The team took also advantage of the fair to meet with trade visitors. In intensive discussions with tour operators and tourism marketing organizations the team presented the features and benefits of the map. Thus, these multipliers are able to forward the Danube map to the right target group.
The ITB Berlin was an important first step to make the "Danubetour" known. But there will be more. Among other things, the Transdanube-team has participated in a Blogger Speed Dating at ITB, from the resulting cooperation the map is going to be promoted via social media channels. That way the team of the Danube office aims to contribute to establishing the Danube as a sustainable tourism destination.

TRANSDANUBE presented at the Romanian Tourism Fair, March 13th – 16th 2014


The National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism present to the Romanian Tourism Fair, March 13th – 16th  2014, Bucharest to promote theTRANSDANUBE project.
The National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism participated to the Romanian Tourism Fair, organized in the period 13th – 16th  March in Bucharest. The Romanian Tourism Fair organized by ROMEXPO, reaches a high interest from tourism stakeholders in Romania and around the world. Together with the National Tourism Authority, as strategic partner, the National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism disseminated the main results of the TRANSDANUBE project to all the visitors interested in tourism mobility and sustainable transport along the Danube.

picture1 picture2 picture3

Danube map is online


Transdanube team of the Danube Office Ulm/Neu-Ulm presents the interactive map Danube

The map will provide easy-to-access information about attractions for tourists in the region along the Danube and especially information how to get there and around by sustainable transport. It´s designed for tourists who want to travel along the Danube by train, bus, ferry or even by bike or foot. 
Danube tourists can organize their trip from home or while already on tour. The Danube map provides information about tourist attractions along the Danube region and how to reach these with sustainable mobility. The map combines information on attractions with the matching information on how to get there or how to get away from there. The Danube map is in English, so it can be used by tourists throughout the Danube region.
The data for the map come from two main sources. On the one side, the Transdanube-Partners from the Danube countries provide the contents for the map, so information on points of interests as museums, castles etc. and routes for hiking, cycling. On the other side, data is imported from Open Street Map. Considering the international target audience the Danube map with all facts and figures is available in English.
Try the danube map: www.donautour.eu

Transdanube in Berlin


EU project present at the ITB Berlin

The Transdanube team of the Danbube Office Ulm/Neu-Ulm will be at the ITB Berlin from 5-9 March respectively from 10 am to 6 pm.
For five days everything on the exhibition grounds of Berlin centers on the diversity of travelling: countries, destinations, tour operators, booking systems, carrier, hotels and the other who wish to make the “best weeks of the year” even more comfortable are represented at the fair.
The Transdanube project presents itself in hall 6.2B booth 301. The highlight for the team: They have the final version of the interactive Danube map in their luggage. “We are very much looking forward to testing the map together with the visitors” explains Petra Dippold from the Transdanube team. Besides the presentation at the booth, the Transdanube team will also be participating in the Donausalon on 5th of March. The joint event organized by the Slovakian Embassy and the Baden-württembergische Landesvertretung is set under the motto of “Science and Education – drivers for prosperity in the Danube Region”. Also there, the project will present its results and the interactive map to multipliers from politic, administration and tourism economy.
In addition to the presentation at the booth, the visitors of the ITB will get the opportunity to discover the Danube through guided tours on the exhibition grounds. Further information on the tours and times is available at: http://www.danubecc.org/index.php?pg=event-article&event=Danube%20at%20ITB%20Berlin%202014&article=Guided%20Tours&lang=en

4. TRANSDANUBE Partner Meeting


The fourth TRANSDANUBE Partner Meeting took place from the 12th to the 14th of February in Veszprem (HU), perfectly hosted by PP5 -  Bakony and Balaton; Regional Tourism Nonprofit Ltd.

Main topics (Agenda): 
>> presentation/workshop:Interactive Transdanube Map
>> working-groups concerning mobility and touristical packages

Find here first impressions from bulgarian partner CSDCS

Transdanube presented at the Holiday Fair in Vienna


How can attractive "soft mobility" offers, packages and modern travel information be created for guests within the framework of transnational projects? How are these offers used? And how can such measures be financed?

For the Holiday Fair in Vienna (16.1.2014), the Environment Agency Austria had organised a national stakeholder event in order to find an answer to all these questions. The event was organised in cooperation with the Austrian Ministries for the Environment, Transport and the Economy and with the Austrian Economic Chamber. At the event the results of the projects ACCESS2MOUNTAIN and TRANSDANUBE were presented, which are both under the leadership of the Environment Agency Austria and address sustainable mobility in tourist regions.

More than 200 stakeholders from tourism, transport, spatial planning and environmental organisations discussed the potentials of soft-mobililty offers in tourism and the success factors for soft mobility implementation. Inputs were provided by the lead partner as well as of project partners of both projects from Austria and Germany, who presented their activities which had been implemented in the last years.

More information (german): http://www.umweltbundesamt.at/nachhaltigmobil2014

Transdanube team Ulm presents first results to the public


The Team of the Danube Office  Ulm / Neu-Ulm presented the first results of the EU project for sustainable mobility in the Danube region at the tourism fair CMT Stuttgart
In the EU project Transdanube 15 partners from nine Danube countries have joined forces to establish sustainable tourism along the Danube and make the region more attractive for tourists. For this purpose the Transdanube team of the Danube Office Ulm / Neu-Ulm has taken on the task of developing an interactive map, which provides important information about mobility and tourist attractions in the Danube region. In addition, all EU partners have the task of creating new tourist packages in their regions that rely on bus, train and bike as a means of transportation. The Transdanube Team did now present the first results on map and package deals at the CMT in Stuttgart from January 11th till January 19th. At the Travel Market, the team presented a first test version of the interactive Danube map and an exemplary first international package for environmentally friendly travel on the Danube.
The Danube map already brings together existing information on tourist attractions in the Danube region, which are supplemented by the EU partners to further data. "The uniqueness of the card is that it provides not only information on attractions, but it also connects them with information on how you can reach these destinations by bus, train, bike or on foot," said Petra Dippold, member of the project team Transdanube. Additional functions such as creating a tourbook want to make the offer for tourists even more attractive. Currently the Danube map is still in the testing phase. This spring, it should go online and can be accessed at www.danubetour.eu

Then, the Transdanube team presented one pilot tourism offer from the Transdanube project area. It was created by the Bulgarian NGO Club "Sustainable Development of Civil Society "(CSDCS) working with the Ruse Municipality. The tourism offer includes two different itineraries that allow tourists to explore the sights in the region only using sustainable modes of transportation - public transport, biking and walking.
Also in Ulm an initial offer has already been done with a tour operator that offers hiking tours along the Danube. It will be available in time for the International Danube Festival in July. More package deals will follow.

on the picture starting from the left: Alla Scerbina (Donaubüro), Petra Katzorke (Donaubüro), Marco Lechner (in medias res Gesellschaft für Informationstechnologie mbH ), Sabine Meigel (Donaubüro), Petra Dippold (Donaubüro) und Günther Krämer (Lustwandeln GbR)


Interactive map for the Danube region


The Transdanube-Team of the Danube Office  Ulm/Neu-Ulm, Germany, will present the map in January!!

One main outcome of the Transdanube project is an interactive map for the Danube region.
The map will provide easy-to-access information about attractions for tourists in the region along the Danube and especially information how to get there and around by sustainable transport. It´s designed for tourists who want to travel along the Danube by train, bus, ferry or even by bike or foot. 
Users of the map will be able to prepare their individual tour book to plan their trip comfortably. In addition the Danube map provides on trip information. The traveller will get real time mobility information about delays or other interferences.

The data for the map comes from two main sources. On the one side, the Transdanube-Partners from the Danube countries provide the contents for the map, so information on points of interests as museums, castles etc. and routes for hiking, cycling. On the other side, data is imported from Open Street Map. Considering the international target audience the Danube map with all facts and figures is available in English.

“We already tested a dummy. Altogether we were very pleased with the results. But naturally there are a few things that need fixing. Now we are very excited to see the final Danube map”, says Petra Dippold, Project manager for Transdanube in Ulm.
The first presentation of the map will take place at the CMT in Stuttgart, from January 11th till 19th.

New TRANSDANUBE Partner - ADTM Association of Tourism Development in Moldova


We are very happy to welcome our new project partner: ADTM - Association of Tourism Development in Moldova!!

On the occasion of the additional ENPI (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)  call by SEE in spring 2013, the TRANSDANUBE partnership has been expanded with the addition of a new partner from Moldova, the Association of Tourism Development in Moldova (ADTM). Mid of November 2013 the submission and approval phase could be successfully closed by the signature of the respective contracts. 

ADTM (www.adtm.md) is an NGO participating in the preparation and promotion of the Moldavian offer of tourist services. ADTM develops projects to improve capacity and develop national and local tourist destinations, tourist objects, including the provision of feasibility studies, market studies, business plans, research projects, specialized expertise regarding strategies and policies for tourism. ADTM will contribute its competences for the development of tourist packages, which will allow tourists to visit the touristic attractions in the Moldavian Danube region by using sustainable means of transport.

Contact Person:
Mr. Viorel MIRON - president of ADTM
33, Briz str, Vatra, Chisinau mun.,
Republic of Moldova, MD - 2055
Tel/fax: + (373) 22 596478
GSM: + (373) 79 583345


New infos online


Short overview, what to find new here:



>> Summary of all collected "Good Practices" &  Factsheet "Good Practice Collection" english, burgarian, german

>> "State-of-the-Art Analysis" - Collection & Factsheet "State-of-the-Art Analysis"

>> Mid-Term Conference: Proceedings, Common Vision for the Danube Region, presetations etcimpressions1, impressions2


TRANSDANUBE Mid-Term Conference & 3 Partner Meeting


On the 17th September the TRANSDANUBE Mid-Term Conference took place in Bratislava.

As the highlight of the Conference project partners signed the Common Vision: Sustainable mobility in tourism - a vision for the Danube Region
 Impression 1, Impression 2 - conference papers in the download-area!

On September 18th and 19th the project partners attended the 3rd Partner Meeting in Bratislava - here some impressions.

Collection of good practices - online now!


The TRANSDANUBE partners finalized the collection of GOOD PRACTICES!

Have a look at our selection of sustainable mobility offers, packages, etc.

2. TRANSDANUBE Newletter - online now


We are happy to present you the second newsletter of the TRANSDANUBE project!

TRANSDANUBE Study Visit in Austria


On 11 and 12 June 2013, the Danube Tourist Commission (DTC, Transdanube PP1) organised a study visit to Austria to take a look at good practice examples in transport and tourism there. A major goal was to exchange information and gain practical experience from different regions along the Danube.

23 participants from Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany and Austria joined the trip, representing partners as well as observers. After a get-together dinner at the famous Augustinerkeller in Vienna on the evening of 10 June, the trip lead to the Wachau valley, the Neusiedler See region and to Bratislava – all three regions being very well connected to international nodes (especially Vienna) and the specific regional transport systems being well developed.

On 11 June, the participants travelled with the combined ticket “Wachau”, provided by a cooperation of ÖBB, Melk Abbey and the Brandner Schiffahrt GmbH. Participants gained interesting insights into mobility trends to the Melk Abbey and trends in combined tickets and enjoyed a boat trip from Melk to Krems, accompanied by great weather. In Melk, Mrs. Wurm from Donau Niederösterreich Tourism presented the various sustainable ways of transport available in the Wachau region and the regional marketing activities. The second day led to the national Transdanube workshop organised by Bratislava Self-Governing Region (Transdanube PP3) where interesting presentations on the current transport and tourism situation in Slovakia and on future projects were attended. After lunch, the participants got the chance to experience the very well developed connection between Bratislava and Neusiedl am See first hand. In the Weinwerk in Neusiedl am See, the mobility and tourism situation in Neusiedl am See and Burgenland were discussed and the community bus “Gmoabus” in Purbach was presented. The day was completed by a visit of the bike tramper, a special train for bike transport between Neusiedl am See and Vienna.

Due to the floods along the Danube in the first weeks of June, the week before the study visit was an exciting one. Until 3 days prior to the start of the visit it was not clear whether the boats in the Wachau and to Bratislava could be taken and the exact program of the study tour had to be a last minute decision. Luckily, the weather was on our side and contributed to a very interesting and successful trip – with information from various fields of the tourism and transport sector and the chance for personal exchange between the project partners.
check facebook-info

May 23rd, TRANSDANUBE Workshop


TRANSDANUBE-Projectpartners, stakeholders from the tourism and transport sector and Members of the Project "Iron Curtain Trail" met in the Nationalpark-Center (Neusiedler See - Seewinkel) in Illmitz (Austria) to discuss about sustainable mobility packages: how they should be created to meet the expactations of locals and tourists .... more info and pictures on www.facebook.com/transdanube

Seconde TRANSDANUBE Project-Meeting


The second TRANSDANUBE Project-Meeting took place in Vidin (Bulgaria) from April 16th to 17th.
Check www.facebook.com/transdanube to see some impressions!  pictures - Invitation

Newsletter online now!


The first newsletter gives a good overview about the project!



During the "Internation Tourismus Börse - ITB" in Berlin, TRANSDANUBE was presented in the >>Danube-Salon<< by the german project partner "Danube Office" more info

Austrian Cycling Working Groups


The project TRANSDANUBE has been presented during the joint meeting of the Austrian working groups for cycling and cycling tourism in Graz

After a short presentation, cycling experts from the Austrian regions and cities had the possibility to discuss open questions with the project representatives – a first step in direction of an active stakeholder involvement necessary for the successful implementation of the project!

TRANSDANUBE goes facebook


Visit us: facebook/transdanube!!

Contact Details

Environment Agency Austria
Agnes Kurzweil
T: +43-(0)1-313 04-5554
E: office@transdanube.eu