Danube Canyon in Caras Severin County, Romania


Please find here projects, initiatives and interesting links related to the topics of the TRANSDANUBE project.

>> SEE Programme website:  South East Europe
>> website dedicated to EU Regional Policy (Inforegio)

>> Danube Tourist Commission
>> Danube Parks
>> Magazin "Danube connects"
>> Danube.travel

EU Strategie for the Danube Region
- pdf

>> Access2Mountain – Sustainable Mobility and Tourism in Sensitive Areas of the Alps and the Carpathians - www.access2mountain.eu
>> Datourway - Transnational Strategy for the Sustainable Territorial Development of the Danube Area with special regard to Tourism - www.datourway.eu
>> Iron Curtain Trail - Sustainable mobility along the newest EuroVelo route, the Iron Curtain Trail - www.ict13.eu
>> SEEMORE - Sustainable and Energy Efficient Moblitity Option in Tourist Regions of Europe - www.seemore-project.eu
>> AlpInfoNet – The Sustainable Moblity Information Network for the Alpine Space - www.alpinfonet.eu
>> Danubeparks – Network of Protected Areas - www.danubeparks.org
>> SEE MMS - South East European Mobility Management Scheme - www.seemms.net
>> ATTAC - Attractive Urban Public Transport for Accessible Cities - www.attacproject.eu
>> Danube Limes Brand - Extension of the Danube Limes UNESCO World Heritage in the Lower Danube - danubelimesbrand.org

>> http://www.appd-bg.org/siteen/page.php?2
>> http://www.coca-colahellenic.com/sustainability/community/waterandenvironment/greendanubepartner
>> http://www.optransport.bg/en/page.php?c=20
>> http://www.vesti.bg/index.phtml?tid=40&oid=5286451

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