Danube Canyon in Caras Severin County, Romania

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Here you will find our most significant papers, studies, strategies or concepts according to the work packages:


WP 3 Transport & Tourism system analysis

Good Practice Collection (57 different projects) -
Factsheet "Good Practice Collection" - english, bulgarian, german
Factsheet "State-of-the-Art Analysis" - english

TD_20%PP1_Executive Summary_SoA TD_20%PP1_RegionalSoa_German_Danube_fullversion
TD_PP2_Executive Summary_SoA TD_PP2_RegionalSoa_Burgenland_fullversion
TD_PP3_PP10_Executive Summary_SoA TD_PP3_RegionalSoa_Bratislava_fullversion
TD_PP4_Executive Summary_SoA_Bp_Pest
TD_PP4_Executive Summary_SoA_GMS
TD_PP5_executive_summary_SoA TD_PP5_RegionalSoa_BalatonBakony_fullversion
TD_PP6_executive_summary_SoA TD_PP6_RegionalSoa_Vidin_fullversion
TD_PP7_Executive_summary_SoA TD_PP7_RegionalSoa_Ruse_fullversion
TD_PP8_Executive_summary_SoA TD_PP8_RegionalSoa_CarasSeverin_fullversion
TD_PP9_Executive_summary_SoA TD_PP9_RegionalSoa_SouthEastRomania_fullversion
TD_IPA12_Regional SoA_Belgrade exec summary TD_IPA12_Regional SoA_Belgrade_fullversion (6 MB)
TD_IPA12_Regional SoA_NE_Serbia exec summary TD_IPA12_Regional SoA_NE_Serbia exec summary


WP 4 Sustainable mobility offers

Act. 4.1  Regional Action Plans

Factsheet Regional Action Plan

PP8_Caras_Severin_County_RAP (4,1 MB)

Act. 4.2 Sustainable Mobility Offers

Factsheet: Sustainable Mobility Offers

Act. 4.3 Manuals

Manual for the development of new bicycle routes

Manual for the development of flexible transport offers


WP 5 Mobility and tourism marketing

Act. 5.1: Tourism mobility information

Factsheet Interactiv Map

Act. 5.2 Sustainable tourist packages

Factsheet sustainable tourist packages
Sustainable Tourism Packages - Summary (57 pages)

Partner Land Packages Target Group
PP2: Regional Government of Burgenland (BGLD) Austria 1 package - A Active sportsmen,
active seniors (1),
individual tourists
PP3: Bratislava Self-Governing
Region  (BSGR)
Slovakia 6 packages
A, B, C, D, E, F
Active sportsmen,
active seniors (1),
individual tourists
PP4: West Pannon  (WPRED) Hungary 4 packages
A, B, C, D
Active tourists,
individual tourists
PP2/PP3/PP4 “Blue Triangle” Austria-Slovakia-
1 package - A Active tourists,
individual, groups
PP5: Bakony and Balaton Regional
Tourism  (BBTDM)
Hungary 4 packages
A, B, C, D
Active tourist with cultural
and sport motivation
PP6: Regional Administration of
Vidin Region
Bulgaria 7 packages
A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Tourists interested in cultural
-historical,natural/religious sites
PP7: Club Sustainable Develop.
of Civil Society (CSDCS)
Bulgaria 2 packages 
A, B
youth and families/groups
of elderly people
PP8: Nat.Institute for Research
and Development in Tourism (INCDT)
Romania 1 package - A individual tourists and
groups (4 to 8 persons))
PP9: The South-East Regional
Development Agency (SERDA)
Romania 4 packages
A, B, C , D
Tourists interested in culture/
heritage and nature/activity
PP IPA PP1: Danube Competence
Center (DCC)
Serbia 4 packages
A, B, C, D
Tourists interested in culture
and history, interested in Belgrade,
PP IPA PP2: Regional Agency for
Develop. of the Eastern Serbia (RARIS)
Serbia 1 package - A Tourists interested in culture/
heritage and nature/activity
ENPI PP1: Association of Tourism
Development in Moldova (ADTM)
Moldova 1 package - A Danube cruise tourists

Act. 5.3 Marketing strategies

Transnational Marketing Strategy
Guideline for the development of Regional Marketing Strategies


WP 6 Stakeholder involvement, evaluation, follow-up activities

Factsheet: Stakeholder involvement


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