Danube Canyon in Caras Severin County, Romania

About Transdanube

Transdanube is following an intersectoral approach combining the transport and the tourism sector, where the level of cooperation is still weak at the moment.
Main objective of the project is the development of ‘Sustainable Mobility’ along the Danube including train, bus, bike and shipping traffic to facilitate the concept of sustainable tourism in the whole Danube region.

Specific objectives

>>    Improve accessibility of regions along the Danube (along the river as well as from the river to the hinterland) through sustainable mobility offers
>>   Increase added value from tourism for regions along the river Danube through mobility & tourism marketing packages
>>   Raise awareness, knowledge and promotion for sustainable mobility in tourism

A commonly defined vision developed and agreed by the project partners will provide a common understanding of the concept of sustainable mobility and basic principles on how to implement the concept of sustainable mobility in tourism development in the regions along the Danube.

Based on the State of the Art analysis, action plans for the implementation of sustainable mobility as a concept in the regions will be elaborated by the partners.

The development of sustainable transport offers covers the whole range from basic feasibility studies to detailed business cases and demonstrations of selected pilot actions. Train, bus, bike and shipping services will be developed and integrated into sustainable mobility tourism packages. In combination with other marketing measures (information provided via digital map, information campaigns, etc.), these packages will facilitate the promotion of the specific qualities / attractions of the regions along the Danube.


Contact Details

Environment Agency Austria
Agnes Kurzweil
T: +43-(0)1-313 04-5554
E: office@transdanube.eu